Bob Mathieson

Vice President - Design and Construction

Bob Mathieson is the Vice President - Design & Construction for Shelter Canadian Properties Limited. Bob joined Shelter in 1982 as a National Construction Manager and was promoted to the position of Vice President – Design & Construction in 1991. In his position, Bob is involved in the administration of all new construction and redevelopment in Canada. General responsibilities include the evaluation of the physical condition of existing commercial buildings that are being considered for acquisition and the consultation for and evaluation of major repairs or upgrades of existing projects, with particular detailed involvement on fire upgrading work.

More recently, Bob's position has involved the redevelopment of three heritage industrial buildings in Winnipeg, Manitoba into modern office buildings; combined floor area of 444,817 square feet with a total construction value of approximately $47 Million; development of a prestigious 13-storey residential condominium complex, with a total project cost of $8.1 Million; the development of a 127,000 square foot Canadian hotel, with a total project cost of $16 Million.

Prior to joining Shelter Canadian, Bob held the position of Construction Manager for MBS Construction Ltd. and W.L. Wardrop & Associates Ltd.

Bob obtained his diploma in Construction Management from the University of Waterloo in 1972. He completed a one-year post-graduate program at the Department of Civic Engineering. Bob also received a diploma in Civil Technology from the Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1963.